Reasons Why Parking Lot Sealing is Important in the GTA

There are many reasons why parking lot sealing is an important step toward protecting your pavement in the GTA.
Without seal coating, your asphalt is exposed to the elements. Unprotected pavement allows moisture to penetrate the surface of the asphalt, causing cracks and potholes.
Sealing your parking lot protects it from the damaging UV rays of the sun in the summer. It also protect against harsh weather in the winter. As pavement freezes and thaws, small cracks begin to form.
In addition, seal coating provides a water soluble layer that protects your parking lot from auto fluids that may leak from vehicles. Oil and gas are inevitably going to drip onto the asphalt, so sealing the pavement will reduce any unsightly spots or damage from chemicals.
Because seal coating requires moderate temperatures to properly adhere to your pavement, spring and fall are the best times of year to apply parking lot sealing in the GTA.
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4 Reasons Parking Lot Sealing Helps Your GTA Business


  1. Seal coating costs much less than replacing asphalt that has been damaged or neglected. The small investment of money that it takes to seal your parking lot is far cheaper than a complete repair of deteriorated pavement.
  2. Seal coating improves traction on the pavement, which protects customers and employees who use the parking lot from harm. This will reduce the possibility of legal action should your business become liable for personal or vehicular injury.
  3. A layer of seal coat protects the asphalt from damaging UV rays, oil spills, fuel leakage, street sweepers, snow plows, and tire treads.
  4. Pavement that has been sealed retains its jet-black finish for much longer than parking lots that have not had the application. The deep, rich colour of your asphalt that is created by seal coating adds curb appeal to your business.

A parking lot with sealing is a beneficial way to generate business in the GTA. Contact the GTAs top asphalt sealing company, Sure-Seal Pavement Maintenance Inc, and see how we can help boost your business. With confidence in our products and methods, we offer undefeated industry leading warranty.

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